[sane-devel] HAVE_USBCALLS broken

Olaf Meeuwissen olaf.meeuwissen at avasys.jp
Wed Mar 6 23:11:45 UTC 2013

Stef writes:

>      I have noticed that 'configure' defines HAVE_USBCALL with no 
> trailing S, while sanei_usb.c expects HAVE_USBCALLS with a trailing S. 
> So configure can't set up OS/2 correctly to use usbcalls since at least 
> SANE 1.0.20.

Looks like this comes about as a result of the header file having an 's'
(usbcalls.h) whereas the library doesn't (usbcall.dll).

>      We have the choice to try to fix this, with the need of an OS/2 
> system to check if it works, or drop this code, as nobody complained for 
> several years. Maybe we could just be lazy, and only change to 
> HAVE_USBCALLS in 'configure' and wait for bug report, if any.

+1 for fixing either configure.in or sanei/sanei_usb.h and waiting for
bug report.  There is no risk in breaking things AFAICS from a quick

  git ls-files | xargs grep USBCALL

FWIW, configure and include/sane/config.h.in are rebuilt from
configure.in, so there's no need fixing those manually (but you could
anyway, just do it after fixing configure.in).

Hope this helps,
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