[sane-devel] proper use of GT68XX_FLAG_NO_POWER_STATUS?

Nico Hoffmann oxensepp at gmx.de
Sat Mar 16 12:38:09 UTC 2013


i've have maybe a rather stupid question, but here we go:

I own an older scanner plustek optic slim 1200, which uses the gt68xx
backend. For years, it worked fine with sane. Since several month (at
least with sane-backends 1.0.23), I can not use this scanner anymore,
because it fails with following message:

| # ./scanimage -x 10cm -y 10 cm > bla.img
| [gt68xx] sane_open: power control failure: check power plug!
| scanimage: open of device gt68xx:libusb:004:006 failed: Error during device I/O

One must know: The plustek optic slim 1200 is powrered by USB
only. There is no possibillity to plug in a power adapter...

So I asked google and got a hint to "GT68XX_FLAG_NO_POWER_STATUS".

I found it in sane-backends-1.0.23/backend/gt68xx_low.h:

#define GT68XX_FLAG_NO_POWER_STATUS (1 << 7)    /* get_power_status_doesn't work */

I am not familiar with the use of such flags, but for my
understanding, actually this flag should be set. At least, one bit in
it is set (and, despite of that, I get the power plug error).

I set

#define GT68XX_FLAG_NO_POWER_STATUS (0 << 7)

and recompiled sane, but no change.

Additionally, I erased all appearances of
"GT68XX_FLAG_NO_POWER_STATUS" in gt68xx_devices.c and gt68xx_gt6816.c,
and recompiled it again, but no change.

So my stupid question is: How I have to change the sources to
get this scanner working?

kind regards,


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