[sane-devel] Looking to get my Mustek A3 1200S flatbed Scanner with GL128 chip working with XSANE

Stef stef.dev at free.fr
Wed May 15 19:38:37 UTC 2013

On 15/05/2013 00:54, Aaron Silver wrote:
> I've got a Mustek A3 1200S flatbed scanner that I'd like to use with 
> XSANE. The sane-find-scanner reported the USB ID as 0x055f and the 
> Device ID as 0x0502. It thought the scanner had a GL848+ chip, but 
> when I opened the case I see a chip with GL128 stamped on it.
> I had USBlyzer listen while I did a couple of scans (one full A3 size, 
> and one of the lower half of the page), but I don't know what the next 
> step is or how to take it. If someone can walk me through it I'd be 
> happy to do as much of the work as I can, but I'm also willing (and 
> some would say very able) to play dumb monkey and feed someone 
> knowledgeable the information they ask for.
> Thanks in advance,
> Aaron Silver

     I can't find the datasheet for this chip, so I can't really tell 
how different it is from already supported genesys chip. But even with 
the datasheet, it is not convenient to develop without a test scanner. A 
few seconds test can turn in a few hours (even days) long, because of 
getting code changes applied remotely, then executed and getting debug 
information back. Programming for these scanner involve quite a lot of 
trial and error, even if you have the datasheet.

     However, you can still post an usb snoop log of a color preview 
scan, just to get some idea on how this scanner work.


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