[sane-devel] CANON Pixma MX 510

Rolf Bensch rolf at bensch-online.de
Thu Feb 6 19:29:45 UTC 2014

Hi Sebastien,

/Sorry, I used the wrong email address for SANE ml. Please answer to
this one./

ADF has a bug recognising empty document feeder. A work around can be
scanning exact page count.

If you like, we can try to debug this issue. I have no ADF scanner, so I
cannot do this by myself.

On the other hand, does your MX510 scan all resolutions up to 1200dpi in
flatbed mode without errors?

Many thanks for your help.


Am 03.02.2014 11:23, schrieb sebastien:
> Hello,
> Sorry I have already sent this message to the sane-standard list but I
> have noticed that it was not the good one.
> I have a CANON Pixma MX 510, am I am trying to use libsane.
> I  would like to use the automatic document feeder to aquire
> automatically all the documents available. I have tried several way
> and I have found problem with all of them to detect that there is no
> more document in the document feeder.
> - sane_start or sane_read never returns SANE_STATUS_NO_DOCS
> -in synchrone mode, sane_read is blocked, and if I call sane_cancel
> from another thread, this call is also definitly blocked
> -The asynchrone mode doen't seem to work. If I call sane_read when a
> document is available, it returns immediatly but read len =0
> Do you have other suggestions? Or do you think that there is problems
> with the PIXMA implementation?
> Thank you 
> Sebastien

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