[sane-devel] Canon PIXMA MX430 Support (USB ID 0x04a9/0x175b)

Fredrik Haikarainen fredrik.haikarainen at gmail.com
Wed Feb 12 04:41:37 UTC 2014


I noticed that this scanner (as stated in the subjectline) is on your list
of untested scanners, and I want to be of any help I can to you as I have
this very scanner.

I have no prior experience of either sane or working with scanners under a
GNU/Linux environment, but I do have very much experience in programming
(C++ mainly, also grasp C very well).

I managed to scan some documents I needed to, although with some trouble.
Sometimes the "scanimage" program would just sit and wait with no output,
while the scanner did pretty much the same (didn't even make a single
noise), other times I'd get some I/O error, where half the time the scanner
would also display a totally unrelated error (that didn't even happen, like
"Close this lid" while it really was closed, and didn't matter at all to
the scanning process). One thing that always fixed this was replugging the
USB and running sane-find-scanner again.

To proceed testing (and eventually patching the pixma backend), I would be
so delighted if you had any test-suite ready for these kinds of things, or
perhaps a checklist of sorts. Any documentation/tools that I could use to
ease this process would be highly appreciated, although I have no problem
to start with nothing at all as well, I'm simply wondering what exists for
this already.

PS. I'm on ArchLinux and not Debian, if that matters a lot. I'll have you
know I've used debian for about 7 years before switching though, so I know
a lot about it.

Looking forward to add another scanner to your bunch.

Fredrik Haikarainen
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