[sane-devel] Document feeder jammed always in low resolution with ScanSnap ix500

Carsten Behring carsten.behring at gmail.com
Sun Feb 16 09:49:13 UTC 2014


am using the latest version of Sane form GIT under
Ubuntu (1.0.25-git20140212-precise0) with a ScanSnap ix500.

If I scan a set of pages(6) with scanimage, like this:

scanimage -d "fujitsu:ScanSnap iX500:36556" --source "ADF Duplex" -b
--resolution 50dpi --mode color

I always get a paper jam, with error message:

scanimage: sane_read: Document feeder jammed

It happens randomly a different page numbers, but I never manage to get a
full successful scan of all 6 pages.

It works under the highest resolution, so with a command like:

 scanimage -d "fujitsu:ScanSnap iX500:36556" --source "ADF Duplex" -b
 --mode color
(which default to resolution 600DPI)

In the higher resolution the scan is much slower, it even does a small
"thinking pause" after each page, so this is maybe related.

Did somebody make a similar experience, and is there a fix/workaround ?

Using the Scanner under Windows does not make this type of problem, I
nearly never get a paper jam.

My goal is to scan it lower resolution for Archiving/OCR purposes and
600DPI makes huge documents

To scale the document down after the high resolution scan, does not give
very good results. Or can somebody point me on how to do this.
I just reduced the resolution with Gimp, but that is not satisfactory.


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