[sane-devel] frontend on Builder C++

Sergio Beaumont Cruz sbeaumont at opein.com
Mon Jan 20 17:32:37 UTC 2014

Hi there! 

We're installing a close enviroment for clients by Ubuntu and RDP server (Windows 2008). We have scaners attached to these clients on Ubuntu with sane and all runs ok. 

By the RDP connection, from Windows 2008, we can run the sanetwain.exe app, and it scan with no problem. 

Now, we are developping our own frontend and saw the sanetwain was coded on Builder C++, but don't know how can it be done. We tried to add sane.h, but it tells sane_init source doesn't exists, and obviously, it doesn't exists cause the ".h" file only got the headers. 

So there is any lib, any dll, or any project we can use for begin this project? 

Any help will be great. 


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