[sane-devel] UMAX Astra 4700 & Canon LiDE 90

Jaromír Cápík tavvva at seznam.cz
Thu Jan 23 20:58:16 UTC 2014

Hi Gernot.

"> I tried to get a LiDE90 to work some time ago, but did not continue
> because of time pressure.
> I am about ready to try again (Genesys GL842 IIRC).
> That's correct. At least sane-find-scanner says: chip=GL842.
> Do you have a physical access to the device?

Yes, I have one. I have some code also, tried to set up registers
based on Windows USB snoop logs (which I could not interpret easily),
but initialization does not yet work. Replaying the Windows commands
to the scanner does work though."

One more note ... I forgot to mention, that we would be happy even

for a minimal support. If you're able to scan anything with replaying

an unknown sequence representing let say a color scanning with

resolution 1200 DPI and lower contrast, it would be a very good start.

We can post-process the result in image editors.

"I intend to start again, using the latest GL841 code as a basis.

If you have sniffed data from several different tries with different
configuration, I could possibly look at them too and help with the
identification.  Depends on you.


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