[sane-devel] patches for epjitsu backend

Peter Marschall peter at adpm.de
Sun Nov 16 20:14:19 UTC 2014


please have a look at my patches against epjitsu v26 on github:
and consider them parts for inclusion into sane-backends.

Here's the list of commit message together with additional comments

  * epjitsu: read page_width pixels from scanner

  * epjitsu: run change_params after changing page_width

  * epjitsu: do not hardcode user-changeable options in change_params()

      In addition, add a sanity check for tl_y.

These 3 commits revert some of the changes in epjitsu v26
that broke setting the width of a scanned page.
(epjitsu v26 always scans with the full scanner width, which may be OK for 
flatbed, but is a tad silly for ADF)

  * epjitsu: enforce range.max >= range.min in option descriptors

      In the option descriptor definitions of tl_x, tl_y, br_x & br_y
      make sure the the maximal value of the range is not smaller than
      the minimal value.

Defensive programming: it hurt me once, so I fixed it ;-)

  * epjitsu: sane_start() - get hardware status at least once

      It seems, the S1300i does not work without get_hardware_status() being
      called at least once. Call it in sane_open() to make the S1300i happy.

      Without this change, the S1300i cannot be used with scanimage,
      scanadf, ...

I did not find any other  way of making my S1300i work reliably.

  * epjitsu: refactor attach_one() - split out init_user()

      The user defaults used are for DIN A4 with 600dpi scans.
      This is what the S1300i supports.

  * epjitsu: refactor attach_one() - split out init_model()

  * epjitsu: refactor attach_one() - split out init_options()

      No functional changes.

Shorten attach_one() by splitting it into multiple functions.
(original idea by m. allan noah in a patchset for initial S1300i/S1100 

  * epjitsu: fix start & finish DBG() calls in coarsecal*()

      Adapt levels for start & finish logging to match the documentation
      and the other functions.

  * epjitsu: instrument finecal_send_cal() & finecal_get_line() with DBG() calls

      No functional changes.

Consistency with other functions: correct call graphs when debugging

  * epjitsu.c: fix typo

      * constrain -> contraints

The commit message says it all

  * epjitsu: refactor sane_get_devices()

      * flexibilize config file format
        - allow initial spaces
        - accept firmware filename with and without quotes
      * change logic for 'global_firmware_filename'
        - make it a pointer instead of an array [for sanei_config_get_string()]
        - make it static: only use is in epjitsu.c
      * report missing firmware name using DBG()
      * space police: remove trailing spaces
      * be explicit about (in)equality to NULL, 0, or '\0'
      * code harmonization
        - consistent 4-spaces indent
        - spaces around operators, after commas and keywords
        - no space between function name and braces aaround arguments

safer, more flexible, more easily readable

  * epjitsu: introduce & use MAX() & MIN()

shorter code; make the intentions a lot more clearer than if..then..else..

  * epjitsu: use ternary ?: operator in some functions

  * epjitsu: make assignments clearer by using the ?: operator

      Make single assignments that depend on conditions clearer by
      converting them from the longer

        if (condition) {
          variable = value-if-true;
        } else {
          variable = value-if-false;


        variable = (condition) ? value-if-true : value-if-false;

Better readability: make the intensions clearer, shorter code

  * epjitsu: simplify calls to do_cmd()

      * do not re-use cmd array by changing elements and/or length,
        instead declare specific *_cmd arrays for each individual do_cmd() call
      * do not unnecessarily declare cmdLen variables for the length of cmd,
        instead use sizeof(cmd) wherever possible
      * replace "magic" size values by sizeof()

The commit message says it: better readability, less chances for errors,
let the computer do the mundane tasks itself.

Thanks for considering the inclusion into sane-backends

Peter Marschall
peter at adpm.de

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