[sane-devel] requesting help with setup of Kodak 5100 AiO scanner

Rob Locher rob at roblocher.com
Sun Sep 7 00:04:34 UTC 2014

I posted to the list because I was having trouble scanning a  
black-and-white document with my Kodak 5100 AiO, and on Wed, 03 Sep 2014  
10:34:58 -0700, NEWALL Paul <p.newalls at ntlworld.com> wrote back (I trimmed  
a bit to save space):

> The kodak ESP AiO printers basically only scan in colour, and the gray
> option is generated in software from the colour scan. It is possible that
> there is something wrong with the conversion to gray that needs to be  
> fixed.
> We could generate a lineart option in a similar way.
> First, can you do a scan of your document using the colour option with
> default settings? just to check that the white paper comes out
> approximately white and the black ink approximately black. If not there  
> may
> be something else that needs fixing to make the ESP5100 work before we  
> can
> do the conversion to lineart.

Hi Paul, and thank you for your reply.  If you're one of those wonderful  
people who make useful software available to everyone for free, then thank  
you especially for that!

I did as you asked, and scanned the same document in color using the  
default settings.  The results are somewhat psychedelic:

The black comes out fairly black, but white isn't white unless it's near  
something black.  No wonder I wasn't able to get a reasonable scan despite  
all my tweaking, if color settings were the problem but were unavailable  
to me in "gray" mode.

- Rob

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