[sane-devel] requesting help with setup of Kodak 5100 AiO scanner

Paul Newall p.newalls at ntlworld.com
Sun Sep 7 08:02:47 UTC 2014

On 07/09/14 01:04, Rob Locher wrote:
> I posted to the list because I was having trouble scanning a 
> black-and-white document with my Kodak 5100 AiO, and on Wed, 03 Sep 
> 2014 10:34:58 -0700, NEWALL Paul <p.newalls at ntlworld.com> wrote back 
> (I trimmed a bit to save space):
>> The kodak ESP AiO printers basically only scan in colour, and the gray
>> option is generated in software from the colour scan. It is possible 
>> that
>> there is something wrong with the conversion to gray that needs to be 
>> fixed.
>> We could generate a lineart option in a similar way.
>> First, can you do a scan of your document using the colour option with
>> default settings? just to check that the white paper comes out
>> approximately white and the black ink approximately black. If not 
>> there may
>> be something else that needs fixing to make the ESP5100 work before 
>> we can
>> do the conversion to lineart.
> Hi Paul, and thank you for your reply.  If you're one of those 
> wonderful people who make useful software available to everyone for 
> free, then thank you especially for that!
> I did as you asked, and scanned the same document in color using the 
> default settings.  The results are somewhat psychedelic:
> http://www.idiompress.com/misc/kodak-5100-aio-color-scan.png
> The black comes out fairly black, but white isn't white unless it's 
> near something black.  No wonder I wasn't able to get a reasonable 
> scan despite all my tweaking, if color settings were the problem but 
> were unavailable to me in "gray" mode.
> Regards,
> - Rob
Thanks for the colour scan. It seems that I have the same problem, 
though much less strongly. I get a slight yellow speckle in the white areas.
It's caused by a mistake in the colour correction curves, I was sending 
255 points for each colour instead of 256.
I expect to have fixed that in a few days.


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