[sane-devel] Problems with Canon MP990 transparency unit

Guillaume Courtois guigui at gugux.net
Wed Apr 8 06:22:29 UTC 2015

> I just committed your patch to SANE's git repository. Many thanks for
> your help.

Ah, very cool. I will rebuild from GIT and check that all works well.

> Have you tried to scan with xsane? In xsane you can set the parameters
> (gamma, brightness, contrast) separately for each color channel and you
> can use|create different media definitions.

Yes, but the greenish problem (if you refer to that) was really a bug I 
One scan from linux and the positive is very greenish.
Then one scan from windows and all is ok.
Then one scan from linux and all is ok too (same settings of course).

So ...

> What are your experiences with dust and scratches on your positives?

Well, I was a bit lazy and did not clean the positives at all before 
scanning (doing it on every one of the 3.000 seemed a lot of work ...). 
Only I was cleaning the glass of the scanner once in a while. I do not 
feel like there was some dust being seen on the pictures, but I did not 
try to zoom in them to check (I only did it on a couple of pictures and 
did not notice anything).

What I had on some positives was some small black holes, and some hair 
also. These ones I corrected with GIMP.

If you want to see a few pictures to see the result, I can send you some 
if you wish.


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