[sane-devel] ScanSnap 1300i: Error during device I/O

Laurent Charrière lcharriere at gmail.com
Mon Feb 2 20:56:12 UTC 2015

It worked, thanks!

Your prompt response is much appreciated. I'm excited I can use the 
S1300i from Linux.

If somebody else should be reading this, note that Fedora uses libusbx 
for libusb 1.0, so when building from git, you want to do the following:

* install libusbx-devel
* pass --enable-libusb_1_0 to ./configure

On 02/02/2015 09:00 PM, m. allan noah wrote:
> I assume your usb ports are controlled by the xhci_hcd driver. This
> driver behaves differently from the older ehci_hcd driver, and
> requires a patch to sane-backends. If you build our development
> version from git, you will have this patch, and the scanner should
> work.

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