[sane-devel] Canon MX-924

Rolf Bensch rolf at bensch-online.de
Sun Feb 8 16:35:07 UTC 2015

Hi Martin,

It's my fault. I missed to add Ethernet and WiFi interfaces on the
supportd devices site.

Please read the manpage for details 'man sane-pixma' howto connect via
network. If you have problems, first try an USB connection with disabled
network to exclude problems from the backend.

Please ask the mailing list again, if you have problems connecting via


Am 08.02.2015 um 06:22 schrieb Martin Nieuwstadt:
> Hi Rolf,
> Thanks for the info.  As the printer is across the other side of the
> room, I am hoping to get sane to work across my network.  I can make a
> plan to purchase a long USB cable to test the software, if you wish, but
> would prefer to get it running over the network.  I am currently using
> the Canon supplied software but would prefer to use sane.
> I am sorry if I have missed something but I am still very new to Linux.
> Cheers
> Martin
> On 06/02/2015 21:45, Rolf Bensch wrote:
>> Hi Martin,
>> Your scanner is supported by SANE's development version 1.0.25git
>> (http://www.sane-project.org/lists/sane-backends-cvs.html#S-PIXMA).
>> Please read the installation description here:
>> http://www.sane-project.org/docs.html.
>> If you are using a Ubuntu based disto, you can use this ppa:
>> https://launchpad.net/~rolfbensch/+archive/ubuntu/sane-git (sudo
>> add-apt-repository ppa:rolfbensch/sane-git).
>> Cheers,
>> Rolf
>> Am 18.01.2015 um 08:01 schrieb Martin Nieuwstadt:
>>> Hi,
>>> I have recently purchased one of these printers.  I see that the
>>> entry in the supported devices list requests testers.  I am willing
>>> to help with any required testing.  I currently use the Canon
>>> supplied drivers for both scanning and printing.  The printer has the
>>> capability of connecting via USB, wired and wireless and I have the
>>> facilities of connecting over all 3 connection types, should this be
>>> required.
>>> Cheers
>>> Martin

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