[sane-devel] Kyocera ECOSYS M6526cdn usable with SANE?

Marco Patzer mail at homerow.info
Mon Feb 9 23:12:37 UTC 2015


I bought a Kyocera ECOSYS M6526cdn multi function device. This is a
rather new model based on an older Kyocera Mita FS multi functional
device. I got the printer working flawlessly with CUPS. But I
struggle with the scanner.

It it connected via Ethernet. The supported devices list doesn't
list this model as compatible. I tried


as well as

  scanimage -L

But neither one found the scanner. sane-find-scanner appears to be
the wrong tool for this: The man page states “[…] is a command line
tool to find SCSI and USB scanners […]”

scanimage -L fails with “No scanners were identified.” I assume this
is because SANE is not set up to find the scanner on the network.

A search for “ethernet” on the supported devices list reveals that
SANE supports numerous network scanners. However, googling for “SANE
connect network scanner” only finds tools and tutorials to share a
locally already working scanner with other hosts, which is not at
all what I want. Thus I assume that I don't need saned to get it

How can I make SANE look for my network scanner (equivalent to
sane-find-scanner)? Or more importantly, how can I get this scanner
working with SANE? Is there any howto or tutorial you would
recommend? There's a man page for sane-scsi and sane-usb but no
sane-ethernet or sane-network, unfortunately.

My system:

Printer/Scanner: Kyocera ECOSYS M6526cdn (flatbed and ADF)
OS: Debian GNU/Linux 7 (stable), kernel 3.2.0
sane version: 1.0.14-9
libsane version: 1.0.22-7.4

I'm happy to provide further details, just let me know. Any help


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