[sane-devel] Epson XL11000 scanner reset

Tom Lists tomlists at itainc.com
Wed Feb 18 05:32:31 UTC 2015

Is a way to issue a reset to the scanner using TWAIN-SANE command?  

There are times that the scanner seems to get “stuck” and sending a command using scanimage keeps returning “segmentation error”.   I can send the command 20 times all with the same result.  The scanner is not blinking with an error or anything.

Then I just power cycle the scanner and send the command again and it works fine.

Also when I scan using the full range of the scanner, -x 309.88 -y 436.88 it should give me 1220 x 1720 but instead I get 1216 × 1717 pix.  Does anyone know why or how I can get around this?

(I know the scanner can do this because I have written a twain plugin driver that was able to do this on earlier OS’s.)

I am running on Mac 10.10.2 (Yosemite) and connecting via USB.


Tom Myers

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