[sane-devel] Developing backend for Canon LiDE120

Spencer Baugh sbaugh at catern.com
Mon Jan 5 22:12:14 UTC 2015

Hi, I have a Canon LiDE120 and I would like to work on developing a backend for it.

How should I get started with writing a backend for this scanner? I am
looking through genesys_gl124.c right now. I think I can do most of
the work myself, I just need someone to give me an idea of how I can
get started.

An earlier post on this list about the LiDE120:

> bcdDevice 7.04 signals a genesys chip newer than the GL124 (which
> has7.01). Since GL128 is 7.05, we could bet on a GL126 (there is
> also a GL125), or like the GL8417 and GL124, another one specially
> taylored for Canon, a GL127? . Anyway, I don't know any public
> datasheet for these ASICs, which complicates the work for supporting
> it. One would have to guess what registers are used for.

Spencer Baugh

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