[sane-devel] Canon LiDE 210 and grinding noises

John Weber jweber53 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 10 11:19:53 UTC 2015


I have similar problems with my Canon LIDE 220. Please see the thread I 
recently started entitled "Canon LIDE 220". Bottom line is I get it to 
work very well using USB3 by setting the environment variable


Disabling USB3 may be another way of masking a race (timing) problem. 
Maybe the same problem for both models? I'm a retired sys admin and not 
so strong on programming so maybe you can do better than me messing with 
the code.


On 07/10/2015 03:56 AM, Michael wrote:
> Michael writes:
>> I was wondering if anyone can help me regarding problems using my scanner,
> a CanonLiDE 210, on Ubuntu 14.10,
>> libsane 1.0.24-1.1ubuntu1.  It worked previously with Ubuntu 14.04,
> libsane 1.0.23.  Now when I try
>> to scan (with xsane or simple-scan), it usually aborts with a grinding
> noise and I have to disconnect the
>> scanner.  It works with a different system running OS X.  On-line searches
> suggest that this is a known
>> class of problem.
>> Downgrading to the Ubuntu 14.04 package helped last time I tried it,
> though I seem to recall that the
>> previous time it did not.  sane-backends from git did not, though I did
> build it as an Ubuntu package,
>> including Ubuntu patches (except the couple which would not apply).
> Coming back to this over half a year later.  I found a number of reports
> today regarding scanner problems with Sane and USB3, followed the
> suggestions of disabling USB3 in my BIOS and lo and behold, I was
> immediately able to scan two pages (not yet tried more) without any trouble.
>   Running "scanimage --test" now also works.
> $ apt-cache policy libsane
> libsane:
>    Installed: 1.0.25-git20150121-utopic0
> [...]
> Ditto for sane-utils.  Anything I can do to help move this along?  I do have
> some programming skills, including basic understanding of the USB protocol
> and Linux's usb_device sub-system, though I am chronically short of time
> (aren't we all?)

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