[sane-devel] Re; scanning with LiDE series works under, Win, NOT under Lx

"Cedric Bhihe (毕生泰)" cedric.bhihe at gmail.com
Tue Jun 23 11:03:44 UTC 2015

A good day to you, Stijn and Allan and to all !

Stijn, I really don't fathom myself as a techie.
I just dabble in computin-related-things. At the same time I try to be 
thorough !
"Hartnäckig" is the word ("persistent" in English).

Good news !!
The ICM error disappeared upon uncheking the 'xsane' 's preference 
settings for "Enable color management".
I quit xsane and following Allan's suggestion I backed up and removed 
the directory ~/.sane/xsane before embarking in the error log recoding 
I relaunched xsane and everything worked normally with LiDE 25. Both 
simplescan and xscan are back to nomal. I have not tested them yet with 
my HP 4400c but I don't expect any itch there.

I thank you all for your help, particularly Stijn and Allan who put up 
with my long "writes" and led me to the solution.

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