[sane-devel] How to enable scanning on a Canon all-in-one printer?

m. allan noah kitno455 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 17 15:15:44 UTC 2015

>> Which is two sane-backend releases behind.  Changes are you just need a
>> newer version of the libsane package.  IIRC, the version from Jessie
>> installs without any problems on Wheezy.
>            First of all: thank you for your response.
>            Second: there are no backports for either libsane or
>            sane-backends.
>            Third:  it is difficult for me to believe that there is
>            no way for a variant of a very well-known firm, Canon,
>            to have its particular modus operandi identified.

It has been identified, and sane-backends has been updated to support it.

>            I would hope that the information given by sane-find-scanner:
> found USB scanner (vendor=0x04a9 [Canon Inc], product=0x2774
> [MF4700 Series]) at libusb:001:004
>            would be sufficient to add the support for this particular
>            Canon all-in-one to my present libsane.

Actually, no- it takes far more than just USB identifiers to enable
support. It takes USB traces under the windows driver, and lots of
tedious reverse engineering and testing by a large number of
volunteers. Fortunately, this has all been done for you. All you have
to do is upgrade.

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