[sane-devel] Lexmark X1185 printer not detected

Kurt sharpsbarbee at emypeople.net
Wed Mar 25 12:36:13 UTC 2015

Lexmark X1185
Someone sent they thought it was a permissions problem and to run from root.

When you run XSane from root you get this message:
   " You try to run XSane as root, that really is DANGEROUS!

I selected:
Continue at your own risk

The next screen is:
no device available

I selected Help:

It lists 6 items.
Entry #4 is, I Think, where my problem lies.

It is:
4)  The backend is not loaded by SANE (man sane-dll)

Doing " apropos sane" does not show a sane-dll.
I have no idea for fixing that.

Kurt Barbee sharpsbarbee at emypeople.net

   I am seeking help in getting my Lexmark X1185 scanner working.
I do not need the printer part at this time.
  When I run sane-find-scanner I do get the vendor= 0x043d product= 
0x07c @ libusb:001:006.
Running scanimage -L reports no scanner found.
I have on my system VM box with windows XP installed.
Installing the Lexmark windows driver for the scanner I can scan items.
When running xsane from root or the graphic interface I get the same 
1  Really no device.                   not true
2  Device busy                         not true
3  No permission                       not true  Get the same results in 
4  Backend not loaded  by sane         can't find sane-dll or man sane-dll
5  Backend not confg correctly         ?? how do I know this  I have 
sane-lexmark file
                                        in etc/sane.d/lexmark.confg as 
                               # X11xx series
                               usb 0x043d 0x007c
                               # X12xx series
                               usb 0x043d 0x007d
                               # Dell A920
                               usb 0x413c 0x5105
                               # X74
                               usb 0x43d 0x0060
6  More than one sane version installed    ?? how would I find this out?

If you can help me I would appreciate it very much.
     Thank You

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