[sane-devel] CanoScan 5600F

Jakub Mazur kubsztal at gmail.com
Sun May 3 15:56:24 UTC 2015


I found a following conversation regarding support of mentioned scanner:

>On 06/03/2014 12:01, Rowan Liddane wrote:
>> xsane
>> [genesys] WARNING: Your scanner is not fully supported or at least
>> [genesys]          had only limited testing. Please be careful and
>> [genesys]          report any failure/success to
>> [genesys]          sane-devel at lists.alioth.debian.org. Please provide
>> as many
>> [genesys]          details as possible, e.g. the exact name of your
>> [genesys]          scanner and what does (not) work.
>> Hi,
>> I added the Canon Canoscan 5600F to the rules file and got the
>> messages above.
>> I also got a box that said "genesys :libusb:0011004 invalid arguement"
>> Its is a great scanner if I can get it running. The Caon site does not
>> provide a Linux  driver for this scanner and I thought genesys migth
>> pick it up.
>> Cheers
>> Rowan
>      Hello,
>      I don't have this model, and it isn't close enough to other ones I
> have so I cannot finish support for it in the genesys backend. But if
> you want, I can help you modify and test the backend to fully support
> this GL847 based scanner.
> Regards,
>      Stef

I also have this scanner and would be interested in making it working
under Sane. Up to now I was able to make it working under VirtualBox
with Windows 10, but this is just temporary solution (until insider
preview expires ;). So if I could somehow help in adding it into genesys
backend, just let me know.

Regards, Kubsztal.
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