[sane-devel] Plustek Optibook 3600

Nico Rikken nico at nicorikken.eu
Wed May 6 18:28:27 UTC 2015

Dear Luis,

I just today acquired my own Opticbook 3600, using it on Ubuntu 15:04
(Gnome edition) and it worked out of the box.

I tried it with to graphical programs:

Simple Scan https://launchpad.net/simple-scan
XSane https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xsane

Scanning in draft mode at 75 dpi caused the scanner to fail for me, but
up from 100 dpi seemed to work just fine.

I guess you can refrain from building Sane from source, and maybe just
try one of the GUI's, which also use SANE as the back-end.

Please let me know your findings. I'm interested in adopting my
OpticBook 3600 for scanning books (obviously) so having an automated
scanning process via the commandline would be ideal.

Kind regards,

Nico Rikken
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