[sane-devel] Canon Pixma MP237 (MP230 series) - XSane not detecting scanner

Michael mykelturn at gmail.com
Tue May 12 01:25:00 UTC 2015

RE: Linux distros Xubuntu 14.04.x and Mint 17.1
       Canon Pixma MP237
       X Sane 0.998
       Simple Scan 3.12.1

I just purchased this unit.  The problem is that XSane will not 
find/detect the scanner ("no devices available").
I have XSane v0.998 installed.  I can utilize the scanner using Gimp.  I 
have manually installed the printer and
scanner drivers and installed "libtiff4".   I cannot utilize the install 
CD that came with the unit as it is for Windows
and Mac.  This unit is connected via USB.

Gimp has an option available to run/launch the scanner when clicked on  
...  (File > Create > Scangear MP...)   .

When I run "lsusb" in the Terminal I get a response that indicates the 
Canon "unit" is plugged in and available.

When I try to run XSane I get the "no devices available" response.

Note:  I get this same response/error notice when using "Simple Scan" also.

I can print and copy ... no problem (so far).

I need to know how to get the scanner detected by XSane and Simple Scan.

Please assist and advise me if there is anything more needed.

Michael Turner

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