[sane-devel] How can I get a count of pages scanned by scanimage using batch mode?

m. allan noah kitno455 at gmail.com
Fri May 15 14:22:14 UTC 2015

Greg- Does ABBYY just eat the images it cannot process, or does it silently
pass them thru without parsing them? It really seems like they should be
able to tell you...


On Fri, May 15, 2015 at 9:34 AM, Greg Kontos <gkontos at myinnovativelab.com>

>   Hello,
> First off, thank you.  The sane project has been easy to use and install
> with boat loads of documentation and examples online.  The sane driver for
> our scanner lets us use these scanners more effectively than the available
> windows drivers.
> I’d like to push a little further and count pages that do not get the
> number of pages scanned with the number of pages processed by our image
> processing software (ABBYY).  Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to find a
> hook in the image processing software that allows us to count
> un-processable images.  So, I’m hoping to leverage scanimage and scanb to
> count of the number of pages scanned and compare it to the number of pages
> successfully processed in order to ensure documents aren’t missed.
> A little about our setup.  We are using fujitsu fi-7160 scanners with the
> 1.0.25 sane backend.  I’m currently using scanbd to trigger the scanimage
> task.  The scanimage task is using the batch mode to use the adf
> functionality of the scanner.  The files created by scanimage are sent
> directly to ABBYY for processing.
> Scanbd runs a script to trigger the scanimage task.  What I would like to
> do is to add something to this script which captures the number of pages
> scanned.  I would then add this number to a file and create a counter.
> I’ve looked through the options available in scanimage –d –A as well as
> scanimage –d –help and I do not see anything that would accomplish this
> directly.  The scanner’s display lists the number of pages scanned, but I
> suppose the driver doesn’t access this information.  It looks I have two
> options available 1. parse the log files, or 2. drop the files into a
> triage folder where they can be counted before moving to processing.   I’d
> like to implement something that’s more stable than reading log files, and
> doesn’t involve the processing overhead of moving files multiple times.
> Thank you for any advice,
> G Kontos
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