[sane-devel] multiple, identical scanners?

Jeremy Chacon chaco001 at umn.edu
Tue Nov 10 20:09:45 UTC 2015


I have been using sane to scan with an Epson v600 Perfection. scanimage
works great with one or two scanners connected, I simply have to identify
the address with scanimage -L and then use the entire device address when
choosing the correct scanner.

However, we've now purchased two more identical scanners, and all of the
sudden sane seems to have trouble.

When I run scanimage -L, it usually complete, and gives four separate
addresses. However, it takes very, very long (around 4-5 minutes), compared
to the less than a minute for one or two scanners.

Additionally, sometimes not all the scanners have their model recognized,
sometimes one is called "unknown epson ..."

The problems then persist with scanimage. If I scan with a device that was
given a complete address with scanimage -L, it usually scans, but sometimes
gives an I/O Error.  Even if it scans successfully, it often takes much
longer than I would have expected.

I'd appreciate any suggestions!




M. Chacon, Ph.D.*

*Post-Doctoral Associate, Harcombe Lab*
*University of Minnesota*
*Ecology, Evolution and Behavior*
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