[sane-devel] Disabling epson backend build

Olaf Meeuwissen paddy-hack at member.fsf.org
Sun Sep 13 01:56:36 UTC 2015

m. allan noah writes:

> I looked at the epson code- it appears that it will accept 'usb 0xVID
> 0xPID' instead of just 'usb' in its config file.

It does but only one such entry is supported.

> I propose that we change the default epson config file to list the
> Perfection 610's usb id, and any other ids that we know epson2 wont
> support. Then we need to blacklist those ids in epson2 somehow. Then
> we re-enable the epson backend in dll.conf.

A simpler way would be to tune the hard-coded lists of supported
scanners (in backend/epson_usb.c) and modify the *.desc files to follow
suit.  Oh, I see that both backends use the *same* file and that it is
generated by a script from epson2.desc these days.  That didn't look
right at all so I pushed pu/epson-epson2-usb-split.  Please have a look
and consider merging this.

The branch can be found at


Hope this helps,
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