[sane-devel] genesys 600 dpi Gray and Lineart distorted by factor 1.5 in y-direction

M G Berberich sane at oss.m-berberich.de
Tue Sep 15 13:57:24 UTC 2015


on a Canon LiDE 210, the 600 dpi Gray and Lineart scans are distorted
by a factor of 1.5 in y-direction (the scanner seems to scans with
600×900 dpi).

The image at http://m-berberich.de/Diverses/genesys-600dpi-Gray.png
shows a 600 dpi Gray scan from a 5×5mm grid-paper, done with

  scanimage -l 20mm -t 20mm -x 45mm -y 45mm --resolution 600 --mode Gray


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