[sane-devel] Proposed Upgrade (pu) branches on GitLab

m. allan noah kitno455 at gmail.com
Fri Sep 18 13:59:04 UTC 2015

I agree with merging the png/jpg improvements, thanks for working on
that. The other branches look fine at first glance. I'll merge most or
all of this tomorrow, when I finally get some free time.


On Fri, Sep 18, 2015 at 9:44 AM, Olaf Meeuwissen
<paddy-hack at member.fsf.org> wrote:
> Hi again devs,
> Remember, 2015-09-19 is feature freeze day.  That's only about 90
> minutes away from where I'm at, but I hope that we can sneak in last
> minute features till the end of that day ;-)
> Please take a look at any of the branches I mentioned below.  I also
> added a few:
>  - pu/scanimage-png-jpeg-v4 adds PNG and JPEG image file format output
>    support to scanimage
>  - pu/add-hu.po-313073 add Hungarian translations
>  - pu/ja.po-fixes-31385 for a few fixes to the Japanese translations
>  - pu/man-pages-fixes-314280-314282 fix manual page issues that make it
>    next to impossible to cleanly convert these pages to other formats
> In terms of new "features", there's
>  - pu/scanimage-png-jpeg-v4
>  - pu/add-hu.po-313073
> that need to be acted on swiftly to make the feature freeze.
> The remainder are fixes or enhancements.  Of those, I'd like to see as
> many of the must-have, no-brainers and "IMNSHO-hsould-have" branches
> below go in Real Soon Now.
> Any branches that get merged will be removed from my GitLab clone as
> soon I as notice the merge and finish checking it.
> @devs (allan, stef, rolf mostly?): Please take a look and merge those
> branches you feel comfortable merging.  I may be able to merge branches
> myself but (as mentioned) don't feel comfortable doing so yet.  Maybe
> *after* the 1.0.25 release.
> Olaf Meeuwissen writes:
>> Hi devs,
>> I've been mail bombing the list, going through unassigned open tickets
>> and pushing pu/* branches to my clone of sane-backends at GitLab[1].
>>  [1] https://gitlab.com/sane-project/backends/branches
>> There are ten pu/* branches there as of writing and I have another five
>> or so in the pipeline.  And I still have about 50 unassigned tickets to
>> look at so there's probably more to come ;-)
>> I would appreciate it if some of you could take a look at these branches
>> and merge them to Alioth's master.
>> There is one must-have: pu/fix-make-dist-targets.  Without it you won't
>> be able to roll a tarball.  It also fixes `make distcheck` so you can do
>> builds outside of the top-level source directory.
>> There are two no-brainers: pu/fix-*.  The numbers refer to the associated
>> bug reports.  I'll close those after I see the respective merges of these
>> branches.
>> In the "IMNSHO-should-have" category:
>>  - pu/epson-epson2-usb-split because the epson backend doesn't claim to
>>    support *all* the scanners epson2 does --> @alessandro
>>  - pu/magicolor-4690MF-support because it adds support for a new scanner
>>    --> @reinhold
>>  - pu/protect-niash-option-access-315132 because it fixes a slightly far
>>    fetched security issue --> @stef
> This last one has been merged (and removed from my clone).
>> For MIPS/musl portability, there's:
>>  - pu/dont-detach-after-join
>>  - pu/fix-musl-inb-outb-detection-on-mips
>> and there may be another fix coming for u_char/u_long issues.
>> Finally, there's:
>>  - pu/bit-depth-reporting-fix which fixes a corner case in scanimage's
>>    output
>>  - pu/install-umax-pp-tools which addresses something Johannes pointed
>>    out on the list.
>> I've tried to attribute all the patches to their respective authors and
>> timestamp them to match the first appearance that I am aware of.  While
>> waiting for some/most/all of these to get merged, I'm off peering over
>> unassigned tickets again.
> Hope this helps,
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