[sane-devel] Testing a Canon imageFormula P-150M

Ben J btpprograms at gmail.com
Sat Aug 13 19:20:52 UTC 2016

Hi, I've got a P-150M and am trying to get it running at the moment. The
scanner was detected by scanimage -L as a P-150. I'm running Arch Linux 64
bit with no frontend for SANE.

When I tried to trigger a scan, SANE was able to detect that the document
feeder was empty and that the cover was closed. Once I resolved both of
these issue, I just got an error stating "scanimage: sane_start: Invalid
argument." This occurs while running "scanimage -d canon_dr: > test.tiff"
as root.

So far I've tried to fix this by adding my scanner to
/etc/sane.d/canon_dr.conf (usb 0x1083 0x162c). I've also tried switching
the Auto Start switch to on. This caused the error "scanimage: open of
device canon_dr: failed: Invalid argument" instead.

If anyone has any ideas let me know. I'm comfortable with config files and
small code changes, but I doubt I could write a full backend for this
scanner on my own.
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