[sane-devel] I want to test the Sane backend for Canon Pixma MG3670 Multi-functional Scanner-Printer I have

Susmita/Rajib Bandopadhyay bkpsusmitaa at gmail.com
Thu Feb 11 08:34:20 UTC 2016

Dear Gernot,

Let me utilise this situation for a general lesson I discovered within
myself by my personal quest.

I have seen a kind of arrogance in the coders. An arrogance given by
their being financed by their Universities' collection of donations
and knowing this faux-built market demand.

These are another organised money aggrandising organisations like
other similar organisations.

Breatheable air, drinking water and food are the greatest ones. Then
comes vocations and using our free time! But our individual and
collective egos twist this simple truth beyond recognition

The Renaissance had brought over a freedom from the Church, but
created other enslaving organisations. The atheists and agnostics who
used science dreamt to build a solid structure using Secularism.

But among them are those 'Follwers' who need another God(s). They
follow Universities, Governments, etc.

These groups are naturally arrogant, impolite and opportunistic. This
includes many coders.

Ignorance of History (because of the absence of a solid education, in
addition to having ('Merit:  scorecards and certificates based on
rote-learning) make these entities, and they form ghettoes - to
control knowledge from spreading to everywhere. Ignorants are the ones
who pay money, attention, time, etc., to learn syllabused nonsense.

These university scholars pretend to read and know much but know very
little. The degrees provide them with a tool to bully the differently
interested ones.

The truth is that man has been built by evolution to learn by
experiencing. Reading is a very poor cousin of observation.

Only the un-empowered minds read so much and understand so little.

I had posted all the information I had, on the forum for particularly
you guys, who direct people to read everything. You have forgotten
that you had learnt, even reading, clinging on to your parents.

You did not even bother to read the subject of my thread!

You are all bad parents, you dictate when we want to treat you as parents.

But I don't deny you the credit of compassion you still possess.

But you should learn to take the responsibility of parenting the
differently interested ones. That will make you great! And you shall
love this greatness. Remember that we are social entities because of
which we are taken for a ride. Like the petty Europeans exploited the
whole world, because the greatest ones were few in numbers. It is
still the same.

I hope I have been able to express myself without causing you hurt. I
apologise if you are hurt. But remember this important lesson.


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