[sane-devel] email using xsane

Albrecht Mehl mehl at freunde.tu-darmstadt.de
Tue Jul 12 09:33:55 UTC 2016

Under opensuse linux 42.1 there is the HP printer/scanner combination hp 
mfp m 125 nw. Printing and scanning work. But there are problems when I 
try sending an email with a scanned picture attached. Then in one case I 
get the message

   Recipient input not accepted   (actually: Empfänger Eintrag nicht
   Clicking 'Send email-project' again helps, the email goes out.

In another case clicking again and again and again ... does not help; no 
outgoing email.

   What can I do to correct this?

A. Mehl
Albrecht Mehl	
Veilchenweg 7       |Tel. (06151) 37 39 92
64291 Darmstadt, Germany|sehenswert - ungefähr 'Wir einsam im All'

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