[sane-devel] Request

MR ZenWiz mrzenwiz at gmail.com
Tue Mar 22 08:01:12 UTC 2016

I have an HP Officejet 5740 which is an all-in-one with two scanning
methods available - ADF and flatbed.  I'm currently running Xubuntu
14.04.4 LTS with all the latest updates, and xsane version 0.998

I love that sane handles this, but there are two settings that I
cannot seem to control and they drive me up the wall every time I
start xsane and don't remember I have to control this.

Whenever I start xsane up for the first time with this scanner, it
defaults to whatever feeder and resolution I had it set for last,
which is fine.

However, if I change from the current feeder (whether ADF or Ftalbad),
it defaults to 75dpi for either new source, and size A for the
flatbed, or "actual size" (legal) for the ADF.

I routinely scan in forms that I need to fill-in and later print out
on the same size paper I was given, which here in the US is routinely
letter size (8.5"x11"), almost always in portrait layout, and 75dpi is
not enough for a good reproduction for printing.

I can't believe it would be too hard to add a couple of settings so
the user could control these defaults such that:

1) I can tell xsane, use 200dpi as the default on EVERY scan,
regardless of feeder (or at least a setting for each feed method), so
if I switch feeders, my defaults take priority.

2) I can tell xsane to use a specific size of my choice WITHOUT having
to invoke the preview pane and set it manually when I change feeders
in either direction and back.

It seems to me that if it can remember what I set it to with the
preview window when I switch between the feeders the first time in
either direction, it should be able to record this so the next time I
change feed methods, it will restore what I had set for that feeder's

I may be alone in this method of user xsane, but I can't believe that
no one ever switches feeders between scans in a single session of use,
or that people actually like having the software control what the
resolution and paper size is, regardless of the reality of the paper.

Is that even a possibility?  Is there another method (bugzilla?) where
I can make this request and have it addressed (any response, even a
yes or no, would be nice)?

I really like xsane and from what I've seen, it works better than any
other free scan software for Linux, but with the above deficiencies,
it feels substandard.  I don't even have any software to compare it to
since I never use other OSes for this type of function, although my
photocopiers don't seem to be so deficient in their recognition of
paper size (and higher default resolution - the norm is 200 on most
photocopier/scanners Ive used in the last 20 years).

Thank you for your time and anticipated response.

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