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Gene Heskett gheskett at shentel.net
Wed May 4 03:58:56 UTC 2016

On Tuesday 03 May 2016 20:52:35 m. allan noah wrote:

> Well, that implies that we are handing control to the brother4
> backend, but it is not finding any scanners. Perhaps try the same as
> root?
> allan

That wasn't any help, but since the vendor/product was found when I 
plugged in a USB cable, running xsane then found it at the usb bus and 
address, and I ran a few scans.  Seems to work about as expected and I 
believe at a better color accuracy than the epson NX-515 scanner eve 
produced.  The gamma, brightness and contrast controls seemed to work 
backwards but they worked and I finally saved a profile of gamma=1.00, 
brightness and contrast at 0.00 so I'd have a default starting point.

But this unit has its usb and ethernet connections on the top, with a 
molded plastic ditch for cable guidance that leads out the right rear of 
the top cover, using up 2 feet of cable while still inside the machine, 
so the 7 port hub its plugged into is now hanging about 18" up in the 
air with the other 5 cables hanging down from the other face.  hell of a 
way to run a train.  And the next usb extension cord I have is a 10 

Because the usb hookup is such a kludge,  and I have no problem talking 
to it from a web browser, I would much rather use the ethernet 
connection cable that is driving the printer from cups.

So I am thinking I need something different in the /etc/sane.d/net.conf 
which at the instant looks like this:
# This is the net backend config file.

## net backend options
# Timeout for the initial connection to saned. This will prevent the 
# from blocking for several minutes trying to connect to an unresponsive
# saned host (network outage, host down, ...). Value in seconds.
connect_timeout = 10

## saned hosts
# Each line names a host to attach to.
# If you list "localhost" then your backends can be accessed either
# directly or through the net backend.  Going through the net backend
# may be necessary to access devices that need special privileges.
scanner.coyote.den # this is in my /etc/hosts file defines its ipv4 
		# address
and root at coyote:/etc/sane.d# SANE_DEBUG_NET=255 scanimage -L
[sanei_debug] Setting debug level of net to 255.
[net] sane_init: authorize != null, version_code != null
[net] sane_init: SANE net backend version 1.0.14 (AF-indep+IPv6) from 
sane-backends 1.0.22
[net] sane_init: Client has little endian byte order
[net] sane_init: searching for config file
[net] sane_init: connect timeout set to 10 seconds
[net] net_avahi_browse_callback: CACHE_EXHAUSTED
[net] [net] net_avahi_browse_callback: ALL_FOR_NOW
sane_init: trying to add localhost
[net] add_device: adding backend localhost
[net] add_device: backend localhost added
[net] sane_init: done reading config
[net] sane_init: evaluating environment variable SANE_NET_HOSTS
[net] sane_init: evaluating environment variable SANE_NET_TIMEOUT
[net] sane_init: done
[net] sane_get_devices: local_only = 0
[net] connect_dev: trying to connect to localhost
[net] connect_dev: [0] connection succeeded (IPv4)
[net] connect_dev: sanei_w_init
[net] connect_dev: net_init (user=gene, local version=1.0.3)
[net] connect_dev: freeing init reply (status=Success, remote 
[net] connect_dev: done
[net] sane_get_devices: got localhost:brother4:bus2;dev1
[net] sane_get_devices: finished (1 devices)
p11-kit: invalid config filename, will be ignored in the 
future: /etc/pkcs11/modules/gnome-keyring-module
device `brother4:bus2;dev1' is a Brother MFC-J6920DW USB scanner
device `net:localhost:brother4:bus2;dev1' is a Brother MFC-J6920DW USB 
[net] sane_exit: exiting
[net] net_avahi_cleanup: stopping thread
[net] net_avahi_cleanup: done
[net] sane_exit: closing dev 0x97518e8, ctl=296
[net] sane_exit: finished.
running xsane shows both paths, but both are usb paths, and chosing the 
one labeled net:localhost:brother4:bus2;dev1, the last one above, gets 
me an invalid argument error. I think it should do that, so I am now 
wondering if I have an invalid setup for saned.  Its a start anyway.

This lists responses have been quite valuable, so I am convinced that the 
ethernet connection is doable yet.  Each time someone has suggested 
something, I have learned a bit more, and I get a bit closer.

So if someone has an idea about saned setup, please speak up.  And I am 
consciously putting most of this back on the list so what I learn is in 
the list archives.

Thank you all.

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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 soap, ballot, jury, and ammo. Please use in that order."
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