[sane-devel] Need sane docs

Roger rogerx.oss at gmail.com
Wed May 4 05:43:59 UTC 2016

> On Tue, May 03, 2016 at 11:58:56PM -0400, Gene Heskett wrote:
>That wasn't any help, but since the vendor/product was found when I 
>plugged in a USB cable, running xsane then found it at the usb bus and 
>address, and I ran a few scans.  Seems to work about as expected and I 
>believe at a better color accuracy than the epson NX-515 scanner eve 
>produced.  The gamma, brightness and contrast controls seemed to work 
>backwards but they worked and I finally saved a profile of gamma=1.00, 
>brightness and contrast at 0.00 so I'd have a default starting point.

scanimage seems to have a few bugs, of which I just recently noticed
scanimage does not appear to reset the device after failure or during
re-executing scanimage.  XSane will reset the scanning device 
(and/or driver) upon failure.  (*Or* something of this sort,
as my memory is foggy on the issue and I noticed this bug with scanimage
more than a week ago, as well as upon previous testing.)

>But this unit has its usb and ethernet connections on the top, with a 
>molded plastic ditch for cable guidance that leads out the right rear of 
>the top cover, using up 2 feet of cable while still inside the machine, 
>so the 7 port hub its plugged into is now hanging about 18" up in the 
>air with the other 5 cables hanging down from the other face.  hell of a 
>way to run a train.  And the next usb extension cord I have is a 10 

I think you can use a USB cord up to ~10-15 feet long with the USB 2
specification.  (I bought a 10-15 foot USB cord ~10 years ago for a
printer, and now using the 10-15 foot extension with my HP multifunction device.)

And, you can probably buy them far cheaper due to USB 3 being on the

Good luck configuring the networking method.  You'll figure it out sooner
or later.  If you're scanning any thing other than black and white
documents, such as photographs or negatives, you'll likely find the USB
method much faster.  As I vaguely recall now from 10+ years ago, the
scanning was extremely slow using 100mbit.  Hopefully you have

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