[sane-devel] Need sane docs

Gene Heskett gheskett at shentel.net
Wed May 4 14:46:36 UTC 2016

On Wednesday 04 May 2016 07:27:01 m. allan noah wrote:

> Gene- if your scanner has ethernet connectivity, you don't need to use
> the net backend or saned. Those are basically adapters that allow you
> to convert a non-networked scanner into a networked one, by using a
> saned server as an intermediary.

Humm, more understanding.  I just dl'd and printed the Penguin Breeder 
tome on the Sane Network Daemon, and I _think_ its running.

Because it works on USB, with an xsane startup selection showing 2 device 
selections as:
[brother4:bus2;dev1] which works, and
[net:localhost:brother4:bus2;dev1] which does not work, invalid argument.
So the 2nd one is coming from the net device.

> I think you need to see if the brother docs list any debugging options
> for the brother4 backend. Without more debugging info from that
> backend, you are stuck.
That returns this:
root at coyote:/etc/sane.d# SANE_DEBUG_BROTHER4=255 scanimage -L
[sanei_debug] Setting debug level of brother4 to 255.
[brother4] brother init
[brother4] brother version: 1000001
[brother4] starting bus scan
[brother4] scanning bus 002
[brother4] found dev 050D/0751
[brother4] found dev 1D6B/0001
[brother4] scanning bus 001
[brother4] found dev 04F9/02F5 <this is it on USB.
[brother4] found dev 1A40/0101
[brother4] found dev 0403/6001
[brother4] found dev 04F9/0033
[brother4] found dev 1A40/0201
[brother4] found dev 046D/C52B
[brother4] found dev 046D/C52B
[brother4] found dev 0403/6001
[brother4] found dev 0409/0059
[brother4] found dev 1A40/0101
[brother4] found dev 1A40/0101
[brother4] found dev 05E3/0608
[brother4] found dev 0409/005A
[brother4] found dev 0409/0059
[brother4] found dev 1D6B/0002
p11-kit: invalid config filename, will be ignored in the 
future: /etc/pkcs11/modules/gnome-keyring-module
device `brother4:bus2;dev1' is a Brother MFC-J6920DW USB scanner
device `net:localhost:brother4:bus2;dev1' is a Brother MFC-J6920DW USB 

So the question then is why, when the .cfg files in the brother driver 
install located in /opt/brother/scanner/,,, I just found do not now, 
since I put in the 32 bit drivers, contain a line describing its name 
and network address.  The 64 bit install that would not work, did 
contain that data in one of the .cfg files there. But on other subdir to 
check. No luck there, so back to that dir where I found a file that when 
an attempt to run it, gave a help screen, so now I have regenerated 
that .cfg file, looks like this:
DEVICE=scanner , "MFC-J6920DW" , 0x4f9:0x2f5 , IP-ADDRESS=
so I think thats progress, now to see if scamimage -L shows it.

device `brother4:net1;dev0' is a Brother scanner MFC-J6920DW
device `brother4:bus2;dev1' is a Brother MFC-J6920DW USB scanner
device `net:localhost:brother4:net1;dev0' is a Brother scanner 
device `net:localhost:brother4:bus2;dev1' is a Brother MFC-J6920DW USB 

And it looks as if I can put a comment in front of the net entry in 
dll.conf.  Lets see what xsane says...  Took it a few secs after I 
clicked on the ok for the first entry, but xsane is up and running.

Using the network interface, the data transfer looks to be similar to the 
rate achieved by USB, but the response to a command takes about 10 
seconds, a lag that was not noticeable when the USB interface was 
running it. Rechecked, its perhaps 2 seconds lag when on USB.

Odd, that network is hugely slower at command, but the results appear to 
be the same. A ping to the scanner averages about .3 milliseconds.

Thanks allan.

I just ordered a gigabit switch, only about $33+ship thru amazon, which 
should give me a gigabit path to this device.  Maybe that will 
accelerate the control channel, but I doubt it.  If anyone has any 
insight, plz share.

But hey, yay even, its working, and I won't need to spend another 100 USD 
of my SS money for a driver. I might even pop-a-top later to celebrate.  
Near beer of course since I am also a DM-II victim & real beer is way 
too much sugar. Between my back and the sugar, my 10 foot tall and 
bulletproof past has caught up with me.  Sigh...

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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 soap, ballot, jury, and ammo. Please use in that order."
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