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Gene Heskett gheskett at shentel.net
Thu May 5 00:10:18 UTC 2016

On Wednesday 04 May 2016 19:44:32 Roger wrote:

> >That long piece of Belden Cat5e managed to survive a 112 mph wind in
> > 2010 that took down 3 40 yo pines, all our privacy fence, 50 square
> > feet of shingles off the roof, a couple shingles off the shop
> > building and flying debris damaged some siding & guttering.  And the
> > cable still functions right now.
> >
> >Knowing what that cable has been through, I haven't a clue why it
> > still is, but 400 MiB have passed since the lathes box was last
> > rebooted, and ifconfig says zero errors of any kind.
> >
> >So this place is wired, but its all 100mbit stuff.  Checking this
> > boards manual, it says gigabit. So its the external stuff that
> > predates this board that is the speed limit.  I'll see if I can find
> > a gigabit switch as a start to upgrading to a gigabit.  That would
> > allow gigabit to this device
> I tend to use non-metallic conduit to encase my low-voltage wires,
> especially when running wire outside the house, or exterior areas. 
> (ie. Underground.)
> This house though, I merrily ran CAT-6 on the underside of the house
> within the crawl space which is protected by cement block walls and a
> cement slab.  No need for non-metallic conduit, except for strapping
> the multiple cables to something for support.  If you are not using
> teflon coated wire, non-metallic conduit is the preferred method.  And
> if upgrading or repairing, just yank and pull new wire.
> CAT-5e is almost as good as CAT-6, and you maybe able to acheive
> Gigabit speeds, but from the sounds of it, you'll be really lucky. 
> Either way, you'll likely fair much better with Gigabit ethernet cards
> and Gigabit routers.
> >Back on topic, it seems I cannot run saned as a background daemon,
> > but I can't find where its disabled.  I found a debug log that
> > apparently is being generated by saned, and here are the results of
> > the last attempt to start it:
> >===========================
> >May  4 00:53:43 coyote saned[21234]: saned (AF-indep+IPv6) from
> > sane-backends 1.0.22 starting up May  4 00:53:43 coyote
> > saned[21234]: do_bindings: [1] bind failed: Address already in use
> > May  4 00:53:43 coyote saned[21234]: do_bindings: [0] bind failed:
> > Address already in use May  4 00:53:43 coyote saned[21234]:
> > do_bindings: couldn't bind an address. Exiting. May  4 00:53:43
> > coyote saned[21234]: FATAL ERROR; bailing out, waiting for
> > children... May  4 00:53:43 coyote saned[21234]: bail_out: all
> > children exited ============================
> >So thats a very non-informative log. :(  How do I make it tell me
> > what addresses fail?
> Shrugs.  Be glad that it's open source, and you can grep the source
> code?  I see you found commenting a line within the dll.conf made the
> network sane method work.  Sounds like the same stumbling block I
> encountered a decade or more ago.  Dropped or tapped a hole into the
> firewall?  Ghosted saned process?
> Oh, and beer typically doesn't have sugar.  Although micro brewers
> tend to add a little just after bottling and prior to capping; for
> boosting the yeast or natural carbonation just after capping.  The
> sour taste at the bottom of the bottle is supposedly this sugary
> mixture, now very sour.  As such, the bottom 1/4-1/2 inch of the
> bottle is suppose to be typically spilled by the drinker.
FYI Roger, a chemistry lesson as it applies to diabetics, the alcohol in 
the beer is turned into sugar (from whence it came) by everyones liver, 
at a quite efficient rate of production. which explains the reference to 
near beer, Miller64 is about 2.7%, and even so I can still see each one 
on a glucose test strip.  That excess glucose/sugar is eliminated by the 
kidneys, so we "recycle the coffee" about 2x as often as a normal person 
would.  That sugar's damage to the kidneys is just one of the life 
threatening effects of diabetes.  So we take metformin & live 20 years 
longer, but its a bit hard on the GI tract, so we spend 10 of that 20 on 
the throne.  It seems to turn sugary stuff into a very efficient 

More than you wanted to know I expect. :)
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