[sane-devel] Need sane docs

Roger rogerx.oss at gmail.com
Wed May 4 23:44:32 UTC 2016

>That long piece of Belden Cat5e managed to survive a 112 mph wind in 2010
>that took down 3 40 yo pines, all our privacy fence, 50 square feet of
>shingles off the roof, a couple shingles off the shop building and flying
>debris damaged some siding & guttering.  And the cable still functions
>right now.
>Knowing what that cable has been through, I haven't a clue why it still
>is, but 400 MiB have passed since the lathes box was last rebooted, and
>ifconfig says zero errors of any kind.
>So this place is wired, but its all 100mbit stuff.  Checking this boards
>manual, it says gigabit. So its the external stuff that predates this
>board that is the speed limit.  I'll see if I can find a gigabit switch
>as a start to upgrading to a gigabit.  That would allow gigabit to this

I tend to use non-metallic conduit to encase my low-voltage wires, especially 
when running wire outside the house, or exterior areas.  (ie. Underground.)

This house though, I merrily ran CAT-6 on the underside of the house within the 
crawl space which is protected by cement block walls and a cement slab.  No 
need for non-metallic conduit, except for strapping the multiple cables to 
something for support.  If you are not using teflon coated wire, non-metallic 
conduit is the preferred method.  And if upgrading or repairing, just yank and 
pull new wire.

CAT-5e is almost as good as CAT-6, and you maybe able to acheive Gigabit 
speeds, but from the sounds of it, you'll be really lucky.  Either way, you'll 
likely fair much better with Gigabit ethernet cards and Gigabit routers.

>Back on topic, it seems I cannot run saned as a background daemon, but
>I can't find where its disabled.  I found a debug log that apparently
>is being generated by saned, and here are the results of the last
>attempt to start it:
>May  4 00:53:43 coyote saned[21234]: saned (AF-indep+IPv6) from sane-backends 1.0.22 starting up
>May  4 00:53:43 coyote saned[21234]: do_bindings: [1] bind failed: Address already in use
>May  4 00:53:43 coyote saned[21234]: do_bindings: [0] bind failed: Address already in use
>May  4 00:53:43 coyote saned[21234]: do_bindings: couldn't bind an address. Exiting.
>May  4 00:53:43 coyote saned[21234]: FATAL ERROR; bailing out, waiting for children...
>May  4 00:53:43 coyote saned[21234]: bail_out: all children exited
>So thats a very non-informative log. :(  How do I make it tell me what
>addresses fail?

Shrugs.  Be glad that it's open source, and you can grep the source code?  I 
see you found commenting a line within the dll.conf made the network sane 
method work.  Sounds like the same stumbling block I encountered a decade or 
more ago.  Dropped or tapped a hole into the firewall?  Ghosted saned process?

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