[sane-devel] A Cooperation Message from Plustek Inc.

JensonChen at adview.com.tw JensonChen at adview.com.tw
Tue Nov 1 03:22:00 UTC 2016

Dear Team,

I am the software PM from Plustek Inc. We are a major scanner manufacturer
in Taiwan.  We meet many linux driver support requests from our customers.
Linux has many distributions and versions and also sane too, we need put
many RD resources to porting our driver to many version now. It's not a
good idea to support linux driver. So we think, may be we can release the
driver source code to your sane project, let you build in the driver at
sane project.  What do you think about it? Thanks.

Best Regards,

精益求精,超越卓越. A to A+

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