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JensonChen at adview.com.tw JensonChen at adview.com.tw
Fri Nov 4 00:38:43 UTC 2016

Dear Team,
We will provide all source code to meet your point 1.  About 2,3,5, we need
to review our source code first. I hope this suggestion can be work. About
4, I think we can put a member to watch the bug, but not full time.
Best Regards,

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Jenson- The SANE project certainly could accept your code for
inclusion into our repository, if a few conditions are met. Namely:

1. The code must be completely open and suitable for use with our
license. No binary or precompiled code, other than possible firmware
2. The code must use our sanei_* libraries for things like usb or
threading. It should not directly use libusb or any kernel modules,
3. The code should be free from obvious security holes and bad
programming practices like using gets() or mktemp().
4. One or more members of your team need to join the SANE project so
you can see user support requests on this mailing list and our bug
5. The code must build on other platforms that SANE supports, like the
various BSD Unixes. Generally, this just requires not calling anything
Linux specific.

Additionally, we prefer that all backends use our debugging library,
so that an environment variable like SANE_DEBUG_PLUSTEK=10 could be
used to enable user visible information from the backend.

If you and your management can accept those terms, the SANE project
would be glad to have your help. Additionally, your users would
benefit from having your drivers installed out of the box with their
distro of choice.

Thanks for contacting us.


On Mon, Oct 31, 2016 at 11:22 PM,  <JensonChen at adview.com.tw> wrote:
> Dear Team,
> I am the software PM from Plustek Inc. We are a major scanner
> in Taiwan.  We meet many linux driver support requests from our
> Linux has many distributions and versions and also sane too, we need put
> many RD resources to porting our driver to many version now. It's not a
> good idea to support linux driver. So we think, may be we can release the
> driver source code to your sane project, let you build in the driver at
> sane project.  What do you think about it? Thanks.
> Best Regards,
> Jenson
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