[sane-devel] eSCL / airprint support for sane

Georg Müller georgmueller at gmx.net
Thu Aug 17 07:52:41 UTC 2017

Hi together,

is anyone working on an eSCL / airprint backend for SANE?

I have a new printer (kyocera) with scanner, but the scanner is not supported.

After some research I found the following project:

which - with some additions - also works with the printer. I also tested it with my HP printer/scanner at home and it
works too.

Since almost all printers support airprint today, such a driver would boost the number of supported scanners.

So back to my question:
Is anyone working on this?
If not, I would start to write a backend which is capable of handling my printer/scanner, and this could be enhanced if
something is missing for other models.

This driver would in involve some mDNS (like hpaio driver from hplip), XML parsing and generating, and map the results to
the corresponding SANE APIs.

I do not have the XML schema for eSCL, but with some samples it shouldn't be too hard to understand.

I am not subscribed to the list, so please cc me.

Best regards,
Georg Müller

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