[sane-devel] Newbie

Horst Kern horst-r.kern at t-online.de
Mon Jan 30 23:36:13 UTC 2017

Hello there,

please do not be too unkind with me, if I ask a dumb question.

My new Canon Pixma Scanner 5751 does not work with the scanner programs 
like simple-scan on my Ubuntu Linux.

I turned on debugging and found many lines like this:

[sanei_debug] Setting debug level of pixma to 21.
[pixma] pixma is compiled with pthread support.
[pixma] pixma version 0.17.18
[pixma] Scanner model MP150(Canon PIXMA MP150) not found, giving up! 
MG5700 series
[pixma] Scanner model MP170(Canon PIXMA MP170) not found, giving up! 
MG5700 series

I downloaded the latest sane backend: sane-backends-e3ed043

In the code I found, that MG5700 is listed.

Is there any way to install the update, or do I need to compile from 
source? (Did not do that for a long time!)

Best Regards,

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