[sane-devel] Scan quality enhancements/processing (vs Windows with Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500)

Roger rogerx.oss at gmail.com
Fri Jul 7 00:21:15 UTC 2017

> is it necessary to always specify the paper size and scan area for every single document? 

I'm not sure on this question, but for semi-auto cropping, you'll likely need to 
perform something to the similar, for which I (obviously) haven't yet mastered:

# Acquire scanned image
$ scanimage --format=tiff --resolution=300 > /tmp/receipt.tif

# Two likely incorrect incantation of ImageMagick convert for cropping an image.
$ convert -trim -fuzz 55% /tmp/receipt.tif /tmp/receipt-cropped.tif

$ convert -verbose -border 10x10 -trim +repage -fuzz 75% /tmp/receipt.tiff /tmp/receipt-cropped.tiff

# OCR the tiff file
$ tesseract /tmp/receipt-cropped.tiff /tmp/receipt.pdf

# Search multiple PDF files for TEXT
$ find /tmp -name '*.pdf' -exec sh -c 'pdftotext "{}" - | grep --with-filename --label="{}" --color "SOME_TEXT_HERE"' \;

As you can see, I was performing something similar to what you're doing, but 
then had to migrate to other tasks due to a lack of time.

Had I completed the above, one would have to admit, the above steps would be 
far more quickly performed rather than relying upon even the best of today's 
GUI tools directly due to the load time of the GUI.

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