[sane-devel] HP Scanjet 200, developing

Iade Gesso iade.gesso at gmail.com
Thu Jul 13 12:16:51 UTC 2017

this is interesting! Do you think HP Scanjet 200 shares the same circuits
of my HP Scanjet 300 (that is unsupported too)?


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2017-04-07 11:47 GMT+02:00 Алексей Тамбовцев <alex.tambovtsev at gmail.com>:

> Hi!
> I have a scanner HP Scanjet 200 wich is not supported by sane.
> I made a file genesys_gl848.c like a genesys_gl847, add id and vendor of
> this scanner into genesys.conf. Then i add some changes into genesys_low.c,
> genesys.c and genesys_devices.c for gl848 likeness functions for gl847. How
> the standart for gl848 i used data for canon lide 200(220) in the genesys
> backend files. Then i made a git version of sane-backends with those
> changes. After that HP Scanjet 200 is initialized by scanimage -L.
> scanimage -T is crashed by:
> [genesys_gl848] gl848_slow_back_home: timeout while waiting for scanhead
> to go home
> [genesys_low] sanei_genesys_asic_init: Error during device I/O
> I can paste the whole log into this page if it is necessary (it is big).
> Scanner isn't doing anything.
> What should i do next?
> Thanks
> 2017-03-20 12:12 GMT+03:00 Алексей Тамбовцев <alex.tambovtsev at gmail.com>:
>> Hi, everyone!
>> Thank you for your job.
>> I have scanner HP Scanjet 200 wich don't have support by sane.
>> I want to try write backend for it.
>> I didn't write any backends before. I will try to modify backend
>> genesys_gl847, because the command "sane-find-scanner" print, that a
>> chipset of this scanner - gl848+. Is this way is true? Could you help me
>> with advice? What shell i do first?
>> Thank you.
>> Alexey.
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