[sane-devel] [PATCH 3/3] saned: reorganize flags, remove run_mode SANED_RUN_DEBUG

Luiz Angelo Daros de Luca luizluca at gmail.com
Sat Jul 22 08:45:25 UTC 2017

The two first patches are trivial bugfixes. However, this one proposes a
new organization
 on saned options, as shown at:


All flags now do one thing and normally have an opposite flag that can
deactivate it.
The flag -a was kept compatible but, flags -d and -s now have a different
-d only sets the debug level and -s only forces syslog. I guess this
breakage does little
harm as those flags are only used for dev (as they quits saned after first
client). If not,
I can introduce new flags for those actions and revert -d/-s previous

Luiz Angelo Daros de Luca
luizluca at gmail.com
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