[sane-devel] sane-backend 1.0.27 USB broken on Mac with Homebrew

Yurii Kolesnykov yurikoles at gmail.com
Thu Jul 27 12:51:22 UTC 2017

Hi, Olaf, Thomas!

Having another round through the info in the various links you and Yurii
> provided I noticed
>   checking for pkg-config... no
> Is homebrew using pkgconfig instead?  If so, I'd suggest adding
> something like
>   system "ln", "-s", "pkg-config", "/usr/bin/pkgconfig"
No need to do this, in brew this may be addressed by adding `depends_on

*before* running configure to sane-backends.rb.  Adjust /usr/bin as
> necessary.  While at it, also drop the
>   depends_on "libusb-compat"
> or replace it with something like
>   depends_on "libusb-1.0"
> at least, do yourself a favour and build against libusb-1.0.
Thomas, please try putting just `libusb` here, we have such formula:

This formula Olaf?
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