[sane-devel] Scanning With Nikon Coolscan LS40 / IVED

Leon Hauck leon at progcpu.net
Sat Jul 29 02:02:13 UTC 2017

TLDR: are there any known issues using a Nikon Coolscan IV ED with
libusb 0.1.12-30 and kernel 4.9.0?


I'm trying to get an Coolscan IV ED (LS40) to work with Debian Stretch 
(current stable release).

scanimage -L

properly identifies the scanner, however

scanimage > testme.pnm

hangs and eventually errors out due to an i/o error.

I connected this scanner to a laptop running the same software with the 
same results.

I connected the scanner to an older laptop running Debian Jessie 
(previous stable release), and it works fine, and I can also pass along 
additional command line arguments for white balance, auto-focus, etc.

I'm guessing something may have changed in libusb and/or the kernel, 
which is preventing communication with this older USB1.1 unit.

Are there any known issues with this setup?

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