[sane-devel] Version numbering (was Re: Fix PPA build)

Olaf Meeuwissen paddy-hack at member.fsf.org
Sat May 13 03:10:24 UTC 2017

Hi Allan,

m. allan noah writes:

> this sounds like a reasonable plan to me, though I wonder what effect
> it will have on the currently installed git-based packages. They are
> already 1.0.26+gitxxxx, and they will remain so after this release
> (though the xxxx part will be of a different format).

Most of the cases I've seen use a date for the xxx part.  If so, there'd
be no problem as the git snapshots after the 1.0.26 release will have a
later date.

Distributions can also work around with an "epoch", so you get something
like "1:1.0.26+gitxxxx", but that's a bit ugly.

But we could also just admit that we've more or less goofed up on the
versioning for our master branch, skip 1.0.26 and release as 1.0.27.
Doing so will bypass any of the scenarios you worry about.

I'd go with 1.0.27 but am fine with 1.0.26 for the release and add a
+git on master (for now while we investigate using `git describe`).

Hope this helps,
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