[sane-devel] Kodak i30 Initialisation

Sebastian Schmachtel prisma_debian at oimel.net
Fri May 26 14:39:44 UTC 2017


i'm trying to use a Kodak i30 Sheetfeed-Scanner, which is an AVISION OEM
Scanner, thus should be working with the avision backend. I'm currently
running Debian Testing with sane 1.0.14-12 and libsane 1.0.25-4. When
trying to scan, the scanner gets stuck with some IO Errors:

env SANE_DEBUG_AVISION=7 scanimage > scan.pnm 2> /tmp/debug.log:
[avision] try to read status to clear the FIFO
[avision] avision_usb_status: timeout 500, 1 retries
[avision] ==> (bulk read) going down ...
[avision] <== (bulk read) got: 0, status: 0
[avision] ==> (interrupt read) going down ...
[avision] <== (interrupt read) got: 0, status: 0
[avision] === Got error 9 trying to read status. ===
[avision] wait_ready: test unit ready failed (Error during device I/O)

However sane-find-scanner and scanimage -L seem fine (when the scanner
is not blocked):

found USB scanner (vendor=0x040a [KODAK ], product=0x6001 [i30 SCANNER])
at libusb:007:003
could not fetch string descriptor: Pipe error
could not fetch string descriptor: Pipe error

[avision] attach: "KODAK" - "i30 Scanner" not yet in whitelist!
[avision] attach: You might want to report this output.
[avision] attach: To: rene at exactcode.de (the Avision backend author)
device `avision:libusb:007:003' is a Kodak i30 sheetfed scanner

When running Windows 7 in a VM and assigning the scanner to it, the
scanner works of course. The Suprising part is, that after using the
scanner in the VM it works with SANE flawlessly as well until the next
power cycle...
So there seems to be something wrong with scanner initialisation. Can
somebody give me a hint how to find this issue? Maybe sniff the usb
traffic of the windows driver? (I've never done this, so maybe someone
can help) Other ideas are welcome as well...


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