[sane-devel] SANE needs a GUI like CUPS's 'system-config-printer' to manually add a network scanner.

Hans Deragon hans at deragon.biz
Sun Nov 5 18:53:29 UTC 2017


I understand that saned is a daemon / API running in the backend, but I
believe that like CUPS's 'system-config-printer', it should come with a
frontend to manage scanners.

I have a network (wifi) scanner setup properly.  One of my Linux machine
(a desktop computer) connects to it without any issue.  I have setup
that machine with hplip.  However, another Linux laptop cannot find it
on the network.  I know its IP and I can ping it, figure out the ports
that are open, but there is no GUI to add a scanner.

In fact, I cannot even figure out how to add this scanner via the
terminal.  Searching for any reference to it under /etc on the desktop
machine for which it works returns nothing.  I have no clue where the
scanner is configured on that machine so I can copy the configuration on
the laptop.

The scanner is part of my MFC "HP Officejet Pro 6978 All-in-one".  hplip
requires me to set it up (again!) with a USB cable.  But this device is
already setup and I should not have to plug as USB cable to it and
reconfigure it.  I should just be able to find it on the network and go
on with it, or at least, add it manually via a GUI.

Has this issue already been discussed?  BTW, I am new to this mailing
list and I have no history regarding the SANE project; I am just a
simple user.

Best regards,
Hans Deragon

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